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s. Works

by sweez / Meine Meinung

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Moonbow 03:21
Lunch Time 04:00
今日も楽しい時間 ララララ♪ 昼食タイム もうすぐ あなたが来るわ  何食べようかな 迷っちゃうな   I've waited for so long Now It's my turn to open I'm still fighting, but I don't know what for... Stop thinking. Lunch Time 片付けられた 俺のトレイ 君が奪いし 香ばしき楽園 最後に齧る 至高の悦びを 声も出せず・・・ただ 紅き 紅き、シッポ Cry for the sky Deep-fried yourlife 「ほんの少し前までは 肩を並べて 大好きなA定食を食べていたのに どうしてこうなってしまったんだろう 今はまるで付け合せのスパゲティ 何をするにも一緒だった だけどいつからか 置き去りの日々 私は 残された シッポのよう。。。」 タベタイ ヤバイ ト・マ・ラ ナイ 愛 ヲ 超-Chou- Die  Survive  エ・ビ・フ ライ Cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Die  Survive  エ・ビ・フ ライ (プリプリサクサク) Die  Survive  エ・ビ・フ ライ (歯ごたえ!歯ごたえ!) Die  Survive  エ・ビ・フ ライ (冷めてもアリです) Die  Survive  エ・ビ・フ ライ (タルタル多めで!!) ギャーーーーーーー!!!!
Rose Battle 04:27
Crossover 04:08
cA 03:35
照らされた メッセージ  閉ざされてた扉をあける むせ返るような 油の匂い  ある日突然に 姿を消した 君は今どこに?   開かれた 君の部屋をぐるり見渡す そこらじゅうに転がっている絵の具達 寂しげなキャンバスの向こう側 何を思い描いていたのだろう 窓から差し込む陽が 部屋を包み込んだ   照らされた キャンバスから浮かび上がる 二つの文字 アルファベット「 c A 」 この文字が君へ繋ぐ鍵なのか? 何処かで見た 記憶の中探す 偶然が 引き寄せた 気付かぬように  照らされた 気付かぬように 誰かに…


Cover from: Rathian - Lunastra - Chameleos - Shen Gao Ren - Quest clear
From Game: MONSTER HUNTER Portable 2nd G (CAPCOM)

2. Moonbow
Cover from: Lullaby of a Deserted Hell
From Game: Touhou Project - Subterranean Animism (Team Shanghai Alice)

3. Locked Girl - acoustic remix
Cover from: Locked Girl
From Game: Touhou Project - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Team Shanghai Alice)

4. Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship (Acoustic)
Cover from: Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship
From Game: Touhou Project - Undefined Fantastic Object. (Team Shanghai Alice)

5. Lunch Time

6. Goonies (back when we were good enough)
Cover from: Goonies (back when we were good enough)
From Game: Goonies (KONAMI)

7. Remembrance to appear in the surface of the water
Cover from: Do you love me?
From Game: beatmania 2ndMIX (KONAMI)

8. Blue Moon
Cover from: 20,November
From Game: beatmania (KONAMI)

9. Rose Battle

10. Gunyu Shisso (Aco. style)
Cover from: Gunyu Shisso
From TV Anime: fate/stay night

11. Crossover

12. cA


The coterie music project that Meine Meinung is in charge of music production in "sweez".
This is the 1st works album which recorded the work which sweez produced in the past.

This CD Includes various game music arrangement such as Touhou Project of Team Shanghai Alice, music of first beatmania of KONAMI (djnagureo), Goonies(Cyndi Lauper), Fate/stay(Kenji Kawai), Monster Hunter 2ndG(Masato Koda).
In addition, this includes the original music of Meine Meinung.

At this site, viewing-and-listening / download sale is not possible.
You can buy them only in partner sites such as iTunes.
1. MONSTER HUNTER [Includes CD version only]
6. Goonies (back when we were good enough)
7. Remembrance to appear in the surface of the water
8. Blue Moon
10. Gunyu Shisso (Aco.style)


released August 13, 2011

Composition: Hiroyuki Kato, Makoto Suzaki (M5, 9, 11), tigerlily (M12)
Arrangement: Meine Meinung (All Tracks)

Meine Meinung
Hiroyuki Kato: Guitar, Violin (All Tracks)
Kenta Sato: Guitar, Keyboard, Manipulation (All Tracks)
Makoto Suzaki: Bass, Manipulation (M1, 3-9, 11, 12)
Eriko Iwasawa: Vox (M5, 7-9, 12)

Guest Musicians
Takahito Inagi: Drums, Percussion (M3, 7)
Kyo: Vocal, Screech Growl (M5)
Yu Oishi: Keyboard, Organ (M6, 9)
Eisuke Takahashi: Violin (M11)
Sakura Yamamoto: Piano (M11)

Sound Produce: sweez / Meine Meinung
Artwork: nini, AO
Cameraman: Jeff
Design, DTP: siratama
Executive Produce: sweez
Special Thanks: Moonbow Music Co., Ltd., STRLabel


all rights reserved



Meine Meinung Japan

Eriko Iwasawa (Vox , Flute)
Hiroyuki Kato (Guitar , Violin)
Makoto Suzaki (Bass)
Kenta Sato (Guitar , Keybord)
(L to R)

We perform original music, game music, movies songs..etc...
We would love music very much and would like to become friendly with many people.
... more

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